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Explore Runaway Bay and neighboring towns. Tours are lead by an experienced native Jamaican who knows the best stops and most interesting hidden gems, and is dedicated to making every moment of your stay richly meaningful.

Themes include Leisure, Religious, and Sociological tours. We can even help organize your study abroad program.

Destinations include…

Runaway Bay

On the coast of the Saint Ann parish, Runaway Bay boasts white sand beaches, seaside villas, activities and a lively town centre.

  • Cardiff Hall private beach
  • Green Grotto Caves

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios - alm

A popular cruise and shopping destination with plenty to do, see and eat.


  • Dunn’s River Falls
  • Dolphin Cove
  • Turtle River Park
  • Local shopping
  • Chukka Cove horseback riding


Handmade bracelets at Devon House Law Christmas Market (Kingston JA)

Jamaica’s capital and largest city with over 900,00 residents. Discover major academic institutions, visual and performing arts, and many cultural treasures.


  • Devon House & estate (including Devon House I Scream (ice cream)
  • Bob Marley Museum

  • The National Gallery of Jamaica
  • Hope Zoo & Gardens

Brown’s Town

A compact land-locked town about 30 minute drive from Runaway Bay. Brown’s Town is always full movement, sound, and the vibrant everyday life of it’s inhabitants.


  • St. Mark’s Anglican Church
  • Brown’s Town Market
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